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Clubhouse closed until further notice.

Tennis courts are now open.

The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Avocet is constantly trying to improve the way information is communicated to the Members. If it is not easy to find the information you need on the web site please let us know. Until a better presentation is developed you might find some useful information below.

Do I have to get Association approval for a project on my property?

  The Association Documents require that most work on the exterior of your home, anything that changes the grade of the lot, and anything involving a permanent structure must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Visit the Architecture page for guidelines, forms, and additional information.

A documented ACC approval is your protection that a modification you plan is compatible with the aesthetics of the neighborhood. Without an approval you risk having to redo or undo a modification at your expense, so if there is any question, seek approval!

How do I go about renting the clubhouse?

  This and other information about the clubhouse can be found on the clubhouse page. Information on the clubhouse and other Association facilities is easily accessible from the Facilities menu as well.

How do I reserve a tennis court?

  This and other information about tennis can be found on the tennis page. Information on the tennis courts and other Association facilities is easily accessible from the Facilities menu as well.

How can I get a key to the pool and tennis courts?

  Normally facility keys are passed along from owner to owner just as house keys are. In the event that the key is lost or not passed along, information on obtaining a new one can be found on the administration page. Administration information is easily accessible from the Administration menu as well.

How do I pay my dues?

  If you have any questions regarding your account and the payment of assessments, please contact the management company immediately! This and other information regarding assessments can be found on the administration page. Administration information is easily accessible from the Administration menu as well.

How do I get a payment coupon book?

  Coupon books are printed annually and distributed to all Members by the management company, detailing the payment amounts and due dates for the year. If you did not receive one, have lost yours, or have any questions regarding your coupon book, please contact the management company immediately! This and other information regarding assessments can be found on the administration page. Administration information is easily accessible from the Administration menu as well.

How do I get a statement of account to take to closing when selling my house in Avocet?

  A statement of account is available to all Members for a reasonable fee in accordance with the Association Documents. To obtain one please contact the management company.

How do I report an issue involving Association property?

  • If the problem involves fire, injury, criminal activity, or immediate danger to anyone, call 911 and describe the situation.

  • If the problem involves risk of substantial damage to Association or adjacent property, call the management company. At minimum you should be able to report the issue to an answering service for appropriate action.

  • If the problem involves a non-threatening but suspicious activity, call the non-emergency number for the police - (770) 513-5100. DO NOT APPROACH OR CONFRONT SUSPICIOUS PERSONS!!!

  • If it regards an improvement or deterioration that is slow and not an imminent threat to people or property, please select an appropriate audience from the Contacts menu.

How do I report an issue involving the property of an Avocet resident?

  • It is best when issues with your neighbors can be resolved by reasonable discussion. Unfortunately this does not always resolve the issues.

  • The Association has various restrictions in its documents that the BOD is obliged to enforce. If you feel this applies to your situation, contact the BOD and/or management company.

  • There are also various ordinances that might apply to your situation. The Gwinnett County code has many "quality of life" ordinances, ranging from signs and fences, to noise, animals, and property maintenance. The benefit is that the ordinances have the rule of law behind them, not requiring enforcement in a civil action. So where ordinances apply they are usually a better option than the Association documents, but both are available.

How do I report a problem with a streetlight?

  If you see a problem with the streetlights in Avocet, you can send a service request to Georgia Power on-line. Choose the option to report an outage with municipal streetlights. You might want to provide comments about the problem so that the service people can come out with the parts necessary to repair the problem. It typically takes less than a week to get the situation addressed.

How do I change my email address for the Avocet Forum?


Start here: http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups

Go to the link in the middle under the "My Groups" title line that says "Go to My Email Preferences". There you can choose to "Add/Remove Email Address". When you add an address you will have to verify it before you can use it; this entails following the instructions in an email sent to that address. I would suggest waiting to remove your current one - more below.

Once the address is verified, go back to My Groups and select "Edit My Groups". There you can select any verified email address to be used for any group that you belong to. After you have changed the old email address so that it is no longer being used you can go back to Email Preferences and remove it if you like.

I don't know that this has to be done last, but it seems less likely to cause problems to me.

What rules does the Association operate under?

  Avocet operates under the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code as well as its own articles of incorporation, by-laws, and covenants. The Association Documents can be found under the Administration menu.

What rules govern the use of the tennis courts, pool, clubhouse, playground, and other Association property?

  General rules of use are posted at the facility where appropriate. Additionally, rules have been adopted controlling the use of the pool and tennis courts to enhance Member enjoyment. These are available on the pool page and tennis page respectively.

Rules regarding the clubhouse are available on the clubhouse page and must be agreed to as a precondition of renting it.

The playground and amenities area do not have specific rules, but rather rules that apply to all Association property. These are meant to provide security, safety, and fair use by all Avocet Members.
  • Use is exclusively for Members and their guests. Others are subject to trespassing and removal. Please call the police if you are suspicious that unauthorized people are making use of Associate property.
  • Use by Members is subject to applicable rules and being current on all assessments.
  • Hours of use are dependent on the activity and the effect it has on the surrounding homes. Loud noise is subject to the local noise ordinance.
  • Vehicle parking is available while using the amenities area. Extended and overnight parking is not allowed except as specifically authorized by the Board of Directors.

Can the Association control problems caused by parking on neighborhood streets?

  The streets within Avocet are owned by Gwinnett County, so Avocet does not have the authority to set rules for their use. The police can be called on to enforce parking and traffic laws. The Association can request compliance with rules, but has no authority to enforce them.

The Association or individual residents can petition the County for specific regulations, such as no parking zones. No such consideration has been requested as of this writing.

Note: The road from Avocet Drive into the amenities area is a driveway that belongs to the Association and is not a public road. Rules for its use are set by the Avocet Board of Directors.

Does Avocet have a lost and found?

  There is no formal lost and found although the area under cover in the pool area is often used as an informal one, particularly while the pool is open.

Do any vendors offer discounts to Avocet residents?

  Occasionally local businesses will offer Avocet residents deals to encourage patronage. There is a page set up for those.

You may also find that you can get a discount on some purchases (paint at Duron or Sherwin-Williams for instance) by mentioning Ryland Home Builders. They may have a corporate rate arranged.

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