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Avocet Standards and Change Request Information

Architecture Committee
Unlike most committees, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is defined by the Association documents. The ACC is charged with reviewing architectural projects proposed by Members for neighborhood lots and approving (or denying) them. The committee has to approve all building, digging, adding or subtracting projects to yards and homes in the neighborhood to assure that they are consistent with the aesthetic standards for Avocet.

Committee Members

  Jeanne Aulbach
  Julie Ellis
  Andy Goodspeed
  Ashlyn Hughes
  Ardie Sudduth
  Michael Whatley

Guidelines and Standards

  Architecture Change Request Form    Complete this form, include all applicable documentation (plat, paint chips, drawing and description of construction, etc…), and place it in the ACC mailbox which is located at the corner of Avocet Drive and the entrance to the amenities area. Then send an email to the ACC or call the property manager (see Management Company Information) to confirm.

Once all of the information is received regarding your change, allow 10-14 days for a decision to be made. Committee members will visit your home during the approval process and will talk to you regarding the change.


  ACC Standards    Describes the general standards used in the approval process.


  ACC Standards Exhibits    Describes how fences and accessory building should be situated on the lot, and how it differs for corner lots.

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