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June Minutes

June BOD Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2007

BOD Present: Jeanne Aulbach, Lara Foreman, Julie Dominguez, Sean Bennet



2 paint requests, 1 deck - approved


CRA corrections to be done


New volunteer to help with newsletter. See below

Kids Club

No report


No report


Need to gear up.


Working on court replacement bids. See below. Pool repair. See below.


Illegal parking, "midnight tennis". See below.


Pool opening party? Fourth of July?


Clubhouse Maintenance Needs:

  • French doors to be reinstalled properly, emergency lights over main entry not working properly. Joe Ligon to finish work. Status?
  • New thermostats installed - $315.

Need to put together financial disclosure to community - year end 2006, 2007 budget and projections through 2010. Jeanne working on.

Establish basic cable & phone service in clubhouse - Julie to follow up.

Problems with "midnight tennis", possible clubhouse intrusions after hours.

  • New signage needed to ensure hours are clearly visible. Julie Minnucci and Andrew Goodspeed working on signage plan.
  • Locks repaired on courts and pool. New lock installed on clubhouse door to bath area and French door knob rekeyed to match deadbolt. Total $680.
  • Quote of $450 from Heritage to replace timers. Need to see if it includes backup battery. David Todd has agreed to install. Cost of timers recommended by Barry Sharp and approved by David, $199.75 each before shipping. They have battery backup. Also, there is a problem with the box at the lower court. A very loud humming noise. David says this will go out soon and recommends replacing the lighting contactor coil. The cost is $62.90 before shipping. David will also repair the electrical boxes along the perimeter of the courts.
  • Street light installed at lower courts. $54 dollars/month on electric bill.
  • Pool fence repaired in 2 places by Heritage. Cost unknown at this time. Parts had to be fabricated. Areas reinforced as well.

Tennis Courts - See new business.

Fence/New Deck Construction - No ACC approval. Letter sent by Ashley to homeowner and resident. Response has been positive. ACC request in box as of this afternoon.

Past dues - Five sent to attorneys for collection, two have paid in full, one partial (apparently at closing - house has sold) and 2 have not responded. Late fees reinstated. Letters going forward will be Heritage standard.

Parking problem in amenities area appears to be resolved - no more overnight parking observed.

Playground Equipment - Installation a great success. Total cost of equipment, installation materials, supervision, teardown and mulch came to about $14,000.


  • Installation at entry completed successfully. Total cost to date of $6,200. We will need to replace some plants that were not watered properly due to irrigation issues. Estimated cost to replace: ?
  • Installation of plants around pool area. Resolved a future year CRA project, erosion on the bank behind the pool. CRA budget $7,500 for railroad ties. Landscape solution $950.
  • Summer annuals installed.
  • Watering issues resolved.

ACC & Inspection Process

  • Need to approve updated ACC process and procedures.
  • Need to communicate necessity of ACC approval on all external changes to community.
  • Need to review inspection items, finalize and communicate to community.
  • Need to have a hard copy notice in the newcomer packet about the inspection & ACC processes.
  • Basketball goals - still a problem.


Sign thank you letters to county for help with entry.

Kiddie pool surface too rough. Aqua Blue sanded to resolve issue. $450.

Aqua Blue unclogged the drains along the retaining wall and along the playground. $150.

County contacted about removing the giant Juniper on Lou Ivey Road. They should be taking care of this in a few weeks.

Newsletter - Bobby McVie has volunteered to publish a newsletter.

  • Initial publication will be mid-July and every other month after to start.
  • Contest to name newsletter. Need a prize.
  • First committee focus will be the Nominating Committee as elections are in just 3 months
  • Will focus on happenings in the community, with encouragement to community members to contribute articles.
  • Brag corner - one line brags from parents about children's accomplishments
  • Will be on 11 x 17 colored paper folded. Cost to print should be same as or less than current cost at Office Max. Will need distribution volunteers.
  • Once started, will look at adding advertising to fund publication.
  • Add e-mail alias of news@avocet-hoa.org to channel newsletter mail to separate account from regular information committee mail.

Finance Meeting - BOD met Monday 6/4 to review current status of budget and projects.

  • Tennis Courts - see below
  • Moving court replacement back to 2008 allows additional projects to be moved up to 2007. Possibilities include:
    • Erosion repair behind pool - done at a savings of about $6,500
    • Parking lot resurfacing
    • Pressure washing and re-pointing the stone walls at the entry
    • Cleaning out the upper detention pond
    • Painting the tennis pavilions, clubhouse, amenities area fence and pool fence
    • Painting the bathrooms
    • Sanding and resealing the tennis pavilion floors
    • Repairing and resurfacing pool deck - should have quote from Tony by Friday
    • Limbing up the trees in the amenities area
  • Obtaining bids on these projects will allow us to determine which can be done in 2007, and allow us to budget properly for 2008.

Tennis Courts

  • Lower Court replacement held over until 2008. Considerations were time frame for completing the project (needs to be completed by September - not enough time) and cost. Slipsheet surface requires replacement of fence. Two quotes to date at $50,000.
  • Repair cracks in lower court.
  • Resurface upper court along with raising the sunken area from light installation.

Pool furniture quotes - Decided to purchase 20 lounge chairs and 4 umbrellas and stands for approximately $3,000. Most folks prefer lounges and there are sufficient chairs.

Tree limbing for $900 in amenities area approved and completed. $1,800 approved to clean out detention ponds, with priority given to upper pond behind the clubhouse.

Next meeting - July 10.

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