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Clubhouse closed until further notice.

Tennis courts are now open.

The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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February Minutes

February BOD Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2007

BOD Present: Jeanne Aulbach, Lara Foreman, Dave Spanjers, Julie Dominguez, Sean Bennet

Also Present: Robin Steinkritz, Andrew Goodspeed, Barry Sharp



No activity


CRA corrections to be done


Check to ensure receiving closing info from Heritage to update directory - none since 1/8

Kids Club

Working on playground equipment bids (see new business)


No report


No report


Working on court replacement bids (see new business)


New info posted to website about new liaison, number to call for non-emergencies


tabled until further notice.


Townhome development Request plans from Bowen - construction to begin late Feb/early march - need to get firm date and get elevation and landscaping plans

SOP/PIB Development:

  • Meeting set with Wayne Knox & Mitch Peevy on Thursday, 2-15 to attempt to work out compromise on conditions. Gwinnett BOC meeting on 2-27.
  • Work completed satisfactorily on torn up landscaping and fencing, per Lara.

Clubhouse Maintenance Needs:

  • Repair alarm - Completed, cost $885 for installation.
  • Robin Steinkritz following on bug problem.
  • French doors to be reinstalled properly, door handles reinstalled, smoke alarm installed, emergency lights to be rehung properly, emergency lights over main entry not working properly. Joe Ligon to finish work.
  • Review clubhouse rental contract to add clause requiring clean up - tabled until March meeting.
  • The BOD approved $200 to replace the thermostats in the clubhouse with digital thermostats that can be set to run automatically. Sean has volunteered to install, Rob Hiller has offered to assist.

No trespassing signs for pool and tennis courts - verbiage completed - agreed to cover all bases with sign at entrance to amenities area instead of multiple signs. Dave and Barry to follow up on this.

Entry - Per Lara, county may assist.

Heritage - continue to follow up on "to do" list

No Parking signs installed - need to notify community before beginning to warn and tow - agreed to send out letter and put notice on website.

Process and standards for obtaining bids and awarding contracts for projects - Sean to use standards from work to develop.

Issues at entry

  • Irrigation System & Lighting - One light appears to be out under a tree. Process for replacing bulbs? Status of maintenance contract from Henson. Irrigation repairs completed in amenities area $1,435.
  • Landscape Plan - not completed.

Find time & Notary Public to finalize Spending Resolution - done.

Precision awarded landscape contact beginning April 1. Rob's contract extended 2 months.

Status of landscape cleanup with Rob - Lara to do walk through.

Suggestion from Dawn Polack - Organize bathroom wall painting day. Lara stated was getting bid from Joe Ligon as well.

Status of newsletter - discussed.

Need to put together financial disclosure to community - year end 2006, 2007 budget and projections through 2010.

Establish basic cable & phone service in clubhouse - voted to add, Julie will address.

Tennis supplies and maintenance done - $628.


January inspection done on the 16th. Review list of inspection items with Robin to ensure inspections done properly.

Clubhouse keys - preliminary estimate for lock replacement and repair from Taylor was $891, $350 for labor. Meeting with Heritage's locksmith to get another quote.

Tennis Courts

  • Initial bid for court replacement - $35,000
  • Meeting with Talbot Tennis on Feb 15 at 5:00 PM to get bid
  • Working with Talbot to have light covers reattached. Hopefully done by Thursday. Have to rent a lift to reach the lights.
  • Lara had recommended having a soil test done. Resources located. Test may cost as little as $500. This could save us a lot of money going forward.
  • Need to schedule bids from additional contractors. Robin gave us Court Makers Inc. 770-795-8400. Also Environmental Sports Surfaces looks like a candidate. - awaiting bids.

Playground Equipment - Met with Beth Ostapiuk, Tina Giberson & David Howard (rep for Little Tykes) to review options for replacing equipment. Options include self installation (or supervised self install). Look at possibly recycling current equipment 4 X 4's to hold mulch in area.

Missing Fence - Contacts at county informed us that attempts are being made to serve citations to both the resident and his father. Tentative court date set for March 27. If fence not replaced, strong recommendation to have a rep of the POA at the hearing to prevent dismissal of charges. - discussed.

Spring Cleanup - Need to organize.

Next meeting - March 13.

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