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Clubhouse closed until further notice.

Tennis courts are now open.

The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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Avocet Standards and Change Request Information

January Minutes

January BOD Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2007

BOD Present: Jeanne Aulbach, Lara Foreman, Dave Spanjers, Julie Dominguez, Sean Bennet

Also Present: Andrew Goodspeed, Barry Sharp



paint request approved, home addition in process - Jeanne & Wendy Shaw met with homeowners, waiting on plans


budget completed, CRA corrections to be done


Now receiving closing info from Heritage to update directory

Kids Club

committee focus for newsletter


see old business.


No report


Out of neighborhood players and residents are not observing the tennis rules. Copy of rules will be sent to each captain prior to start of official matches and captains will be held responsible for out of neighborhood fees.


COPS meeting January 18 to meet with new Gwinnett County liaison


Party tabled until further notice.


Townhome development Request plans from Bowen - Jeanne - received site plan, sent to Webmaster for posting to web site.

SOP/PIB Development:

  • Follow up with Mitch Peevy to set up meeting prior to Planning Commission. Planning Commission meeting on Jan 16, Board of Commissioners meeting on January 23. Developers plan to go ahead with drive through request. Jose Perez & Wayne Knox contacted, waiting for response.
  • Follow up with City Lights on torn up landscaping - no further developments. Still waiting for work to be completed.

Clubhouse Maintenance Needs:

  • Repair alarm - Barry Sharp has bids from MidSouth, AMSA and Safe and Sound. - Board voted unanimously to accept Safe and Sound.
  • Evidence of rats & roaches -Towne Trapper finished work on 12/26, $295. Clubhouse should now be rat free. Robin Steinkritz following on bug problem.
  • French doors to be reinstalled properly, door handles reinstalled, smoke alarm installed, emergency lights to be rehung properly, emergency lights over main entry not working properly. Joe Ligon to finish work. Still waiting for doors to be leveled.
  • Review clubhouse rental contract to add clause requiring clean up.
  • The BOD approved $200 to replace the thermostats in the clubhouse with digital thermostats that can be set to run automatically. Sean has volunteered to install, Rob Hiller has offered to assist. David Todd can also install this week.

No trespassing signs for pool and tennis courts - verbiage.

Entry - Per Lara county may assist - verbal agreement.

Inspections - waiting for inspection report - also need to finalize inspection list for distribution

Dead trees removed

Heritage - continue to follow up on "to do" list

No Parking signs installed - 2 signs with poles for $133.25 - Rob Hiller installed the signs saving us $125. Approve warning notice to place on improperly parked cars.

Peachtree Corners Overlay District - community input will be needed to Gwinnett BOC to help get this passed. Possible presentation to community by UPPCA representative.

Process and standards for obtaining bids and awarding contracts for projects - BOD will develop and communicate to the community.

Issues at entry

  • Irrigation System & Lighting - Lara Foreman worked with Henson Irrigation on this project. The conduit running under Avocet drive at the entry connecting both systems was located so the price was $7,180. The combined CRA budget for both projects is $7,500, so we will be under budget.
  • Landscape Plan - Lara & Jeanne will be working together to develop the plan for the entry. The BOD will also obtain bids on cleaning and painting the fence along SOP and part way up Lou Ivey. This will require permission from the homeowners. Rob Hiller has agreed to submit a bid for this.


Landscape issues

  • Prospective contractors interviewed - contract awarded to Precision Landscaping.
  • Approve Rob's contract extension. Robin said the document looked fine.
  • Rob Hiller has decided to focus on his residential business. The BOD will be making a decision on a new landscape contractor in January.
  • Need to do one time cleanup - Rob & Lara are working together on clean up issues for the next few months. Initial focus on entry to prepare for new landscape installation - will be taking out bamboo.

New water leak in line along road to clubhouse. PVC pipe broken by tree root. $250 to repair.

Lara working with Henson Irrigation to restart irrigation system in amenities area. 14 zones. Electricity cut by Drainage Solutions, leaks in pipes found and repaired. Need no parking zone along pool - pipes broken by cars parking on grass. Estimated between $1,485 and $1,885 to restart.

December inspection letters never sent. January inspection set for the 16th. Letter sent to 4980 Avocet Drive for weeds.

January late fees - potential problem from heritage payment application process - due to confusion surrounding how to pay the special assessment in addition to the increase in monthly dues, late fees will be waved in January.

Issue with "trespassing neighbors" - waiting to hear from Robin.

Clubhouse keys - discussed.

Establish basic cable & phone service in clubhouse

Suggestion from Dawn Polack - Organize bathroom wall painting day - tabled until later date.

Newsletter - monthly as time permits.

Financial disclosure to community - discussed.

Bid process and procedures

Tennis Courts

  • Bids for replacement parts and maintenance
  • Initial bid for court replacement

Next meeting - February 13.

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