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December Minutes

November BOD Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2006

BOD Present: Jeanne Aulbach, Lara Foreman, Dave Spanjers, Sean Bennett, Rob Hiller



2 new requests - paint & home addition


progress on budget and CRA corrections - members meeting 12/13 to finalize 2007 Budget


Homeowner list provided electronically to Webmaster to update directory

Kids Club

Christmas Party a big hit - came in under budget - Thanks to Kid's Club members Tina Giberson, Beth Ostapiuk, Carolina Mock and Lisa Bragg. Big thanks to Santa (Tim Walters) and his Chief Elf (Jack Spanjers)


No report - Need to involve in selection of landscape company for 2007


No report


Kurt Nesheim will join


Signs, lights & alarm - COPS meeting January 18 to meet with new Gwinnett County liaison


Adult Super Bowl Party - Table until January


Townhome development Request plans from Bowen Done by Jeanne - follow up if not received by the 15th

SOP/PIB Development:

  • Follow up with Mitch Peevy to set up meeting prior to Planning Commission meeting - Jeanne emailed and waiting for a response
  • Follow up with City Lights on torn up landscaping - Jeanne sent pictures of demoed areas to Mike Twiner, response was construction still continuing, at least one more blast. One partner (Mark Milsaps) a landscaper. Request made to have him contact us about this.

Clubhouse Maintenance Needs:

  • Broken garbage disposal - Heritage to fix
  • Broken garbage disposal replaced
  • Reinstalled fire suppression unit over stove - $1,100
  • Repair alarm - Barry Sharp to work on over Christmas holidays
  • Evidence of rats & roaches - Jeanne contacted Towne Trapper on rat removal, will meet at clubhouse Saturday. Robin Steinkritz following on bug problem. Clubhouse "bombed" before Thanksgiving by Jeanne.
  • French doors need to be reinstalled (Ligon?) - Difficulty in contacting Joe Ligon. Will continue to try.
  • Cleaning - Clubhouse and bathroom schedule. - Bathrooms now cleaned weekly on Fridays. Need cost effective cleaning service for clubhouse. Review contract to possibly add clause requiring clean up.

Key for pump room - Tony gave us 2 copies - one to Lara for irrigation - Jeanne made additional copies for other BOD members and for Heritage

Have verbiage for no trespassing signage. Need "No Parking" signage, follow up with sign vendor to purchase. Also, poles for installation at main and amenities entries and parking lots. $200 allocated by precious BOD.

Newsletter format & name - need volunteers

Entry - Per Lara county may assist - verbal agreement

Inspections - Robin to do today - also need to finalize inspection list for distribution

Approve letter for dead trees

Heritage - continue to follow up on "to do" list

UPCCA Peachtree Corners street topper ordered - $50

No Parking signs ready for installation - 2 signs with poles for $133.25 - How install? $125 for sign company to install - Dave Spanjers to pick up. Rob Hiller has agreed to install the signs.


Peachtree Corners Overlay District & Gwinnett County Unified Plan Discussed benefits of overlay plan. Jeanne will post article to forum and add to newsletter. If there is an interest, UPCCA has indicated they can do a presentation to the community. Community input needed to Gwinnett BOC to help get this passed.

Process and standards for obtaining bids and awarding contracts for projects - BOD will develop and communicate to the community.

Issues at entry

  • Irrigation System & Lighting - Lara Foreman has collected bids for these jobs. We had 3 bids for irrigation, 2 for lighting. The bids were competitive. Only one lighting contractor was licensed, Henson Irrigation. He also does irrigation. It makes sense to combine the two into a single project. Lara has worked with Henson Irrigation several times in the past. She will check references. If all is well, we will award the bid to Henson. If he can locate the conduit running under Avocet drive at the entry connecting both systems, the price will be $6,200. Otherwise, it will cost an additional $1,200. The combined CRA budget for both projects is $7,500, so we will be under budget.
  • Landscape Plan - Lara & Jeanne will be working together to develop the plan for the entry. The BOD will also obtain bids on cleaning and painting the fence along SOP and part way up Lou Ivey. This will require permission from the homeowners. Rob Hiller has agreed to submit a bid for this.

Landscape issues

  • Process to review bids/interview prospects - Dave Spanjers and Jeanne Aulbach will coordinate.
  • Need to do one time cleanup - Lara is working with Precision Landscape on this schedule.

Fox issues - Foe now, no action required.

Volunteer help for lighting - David Todd willing to install. BOD has approved.

Key lock box installed at clubhouse - additional sets of keys made, one for Julie, one for lockbox and one spare.

Requested BOD notification on closings to a) update directory and b) begin working on welcome process. Heritage has begun to send these.

2006 audit - Contract approved. Jeanne to sign & return.

The BOD approved $200 to replace the thermostats in the clubhouse with digital themostats that can be set to run automatically. Sean has volunteered to install, Rob Hiller has offered to assist.

The police were called to the clubhouse late Thanksgiving night. Apparently, a group of teenagers were in the clubhouse bathrooms and hallway. Two cars were escorted off of the property by the police. Another car apparently belonged to a resident.

Next meeting - January 9 - tentative due to Sean Bennett's work schedule.

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