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Clubhouse closed until further notice.

Tennis courts are now open.

The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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Avocet Standards and Change Request Information

October Minutes

October BOD Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2006

BOD Present: Jeanne Aulbach, Lara Foreman, Dave Spanjers, Sean Bennett, Julie Dominguez

Community Present: Barry Sharp, Neal Gonsalves



One fence request, approved in October.

Kids Club

Halloween Party on the 31st and Christmas party in the works for 12/2.


Improvement has been noted. Landscaper will be putting out fresh pinestraw and twenty flats of annuals soon.

Board agreed to resodding of barren area at front entrance next week.

Committee will work on a plan for rebuilding the front entrance and will get bids on the irrigation at the front entrance.

Landscaping contract will be rebid in February.


Lights have been fixed on the upper courts again. According to Talbot Tennis, it was a bad circuit breaker. The board agreed to replace the circuit breaker box to help eliminate corrosion of the breakers and is going to have an engineering firm look at the electrical system so we can avoid continuing problems.

The pool will close Monday, October 16th.


The board agreed to Friday cleaning and stocking of the bathrooms when the pool is closed and twice weekly cleaning and stocking of the bathrooms when the pool is open.

The clubhouse will be cleaned as needed.


We will be hanging the COPS certificates in the clubhouse.

There will be a winter meeting and we hope to bring in some new members and reassign block captains.

All committees are actively looking for new members.


Townhome Development: Issue has been concluded. We have a compromise of 75 units versus 86, 4 side brick, and extended buffers.

Clubhouse Maintenance Needs:

Broken garbage disposal will be repaired.

Fire suppression unit over the stove will be replaced.

We will look into repairing/replacing the alarm system.

Heritage will follow up on rodent infestation in and around clubhouse.

French doors will be reinstalled.

Broken water line next to clubhouse may be county responsibility. We will follow up.


Thanks to Blake for his webmaster duties and thanks to Andrew Goodspeed for taking them over.

No Parking/Trespassing signage:

Still under review. We will work with a towing company to see if they will provide some of the signs.


Avocet Committees:

The Sports Committee has been combined with the Pool committee.

The Nominating Committee will be on a hiatus until next summer.

In an effort to improve communication and timeliness of response, a board member has been assigned as a liaison to each committee. The board member will be meeting with their committees and helping them to develop a committee structure, outline responsibilities, improve communication and set up a budget for the committee. The final product will be posted on the website. The hope is to improve communication and participation throughout the neighborhood and give the committees continuity from year to year. We will have reports at next month's board meeting.

Architecture Jeanne Aulbach

Finance Sean Bennett

Information Jeanne Aulbach, Newsletter and Fliers; Lara Foreman, web information

Kids Lara Foreman

Landscape Lara Foreman and Dave Spanjers

Nominating Jeanne Aulbach

Security Dave Spanjers

Social/Clubhouse Julie Dominguez

Recreation Julie Dominguez

Communications with Community:

This board plans on giving the community all of the information it needs and desires and we will be posting information on the website.

We have plans to revamp the website and provide an electronic owners manual for all residents.

We have agreed to hand deliver newsletters and one page blurbs to save postage whenever possible and will use yellow paper to indicate it comes from the Board.


Inspections are and have been ongoing by Heritage. We will be preparing and then posting the inspection checklist on the website so it contains no surprises.


The new board will meet with Heritage to review processes and issues and set expectations.

Jeanne will keep a spreadsheet of all issues that are reported to Heritage so the board will be able to stay on top of everything.

Special assessment:

After thorough review of the financial statements and much careful consideration and debate, the board voted and approved a special assessment of $325 and a $10 increase in monthly dues. The board is also strongly recommending that dues are held constant at $50 per month until 2010 and asks that future boards honor this recommendation. Each new board will make their own decisions, but this board feels like the assessment and the small dues increase should carry us through to 2010 with no problems.

If passed, the board agrees that the special assessment may be paid in 4 installments beginning 1/1/07.

Marketing drive:

The board will be putting considerable time and effort in getting all of our residents out to vote on this issue, as it is very important to the community.

We will be sending out a letter explaining the vote, the need for voting again even if you already voted earlier this year, the benefits of passing the assessment, the results of the CRA, which is driving the special assessment.

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