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September Minutes

September BOD Meeting Minutes

Avocet BOD Meeting Minutes
Septebmer 12, 2006

Meeting was called to order at 7pm

Committee reports

  1. ACC; nothing to report
  2. Landscape: committee met with landscaper about some concerns and have a follow up in 2 weeks
  3. Finance: Committee is still trying to come up with an amount for the special assessment based on 5 year CRA
  4. Cops: $200 was approved to get no trespassing signs for amenities area. Any unauthorized people or vehicles in the area after amenities close (10 pm) will be towed at owner's expense. Anyone not authorized to be in the area after hours will be arrested for trespassing. Language will be addressed with attorney
  5. Sports: $up to $200 was approved to buy things needed for tennis courts. We will be contacting Talbots about fixing lights under warranty when I get Talbot's contact info.

Old and New Business:

  • Money to fix retaining wall by the pool was put off till later date. Finance and landscape committee felt we could address this at later date
  • Special assessment was discussed in great detail and we will have details out in a letter to HOA after annual elections
  • Spending cap Amendment was discussed and importance of getting this passed at annual meeting. We are going to have attorney add language into Amendment that a CRA be done every 5 years as part of amendment.
  • Status of HD Townhouse development: We gave a status of what is happening here, (see Jeanne's previous posting and website for details). It is VERY CRITICAL for Avocet to have a HUGE turnout and Commissioners meeting on 9/26 when the up or down vote is given. Tennis teams and block captains will help with driving turnout
  • Annual Meeting on 9/28: Time and Agenda are done. Vote was passed to expand the new board from 3 to 5 members. Currently there is only 1 person who has expressed an interest in running. Discussion was had on what happens if we do not get enough people to run.
  • New Committee of Kids Club was announced and money was discussed and approved through the Social Committee to help make this club successful.
  • Cleanliness of amenities were discussed and we will see if maintenance can be moved to the end of the week so bathroom areas are cleaner on weekends

Meeting was adjourned @8:20

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