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Avocet Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors Meeting for June 6, 2006


I.                    Call to Order

II.                 Motion to Approve Minutes of May 2, 2006 Meeting -  approved.

III.               Presentation Beth Rigsby of Gwinnett County Commissioner’s office.  Subject:  Speed Tables – evaluation of community and roads, non-impacting to home values, 90% of residents along Avocet Drive need to sign petition in order to pass, $12 assessment added to residents along Avocet Drive if passed.  This is not a BOD initiative but one started by concerned residents of Avocet Drive who’ve noted vehicles speeding.  Roads are owned by the county, not owned by association.  Speed tables are not speed bumps, they are specifically designed not to hinder emergency vehicles.  Also mentioned the Gwinnett County Geographical Information Systems Data Browser webpage for maps of the subdivision and parcel information. 

IV.              Sports Committee update:  Two new tennis court nets, new squeegee, and receipt of tennis fees.

V.                 Pool update:  Deck and restroom hallway has been pressure washed ($475)

a.       Repair of men’s bathroom plumbing ($360)

b.      Motion to authorize hiring of cleaners for restroom to provide services twice a week.  Motion passed.

VI.              Clubhouse Update:  Clubhouse is open and available for reservations.

VII.            Landscape Ctte:  Evaluation of lawn at opening of subdivision; begin inquiries as to cost to replace underground sprinkler system that was damaged during construction along South Old Peachtree.

VIII.         Architectural Ctte. Update: 

a.       One paint request.

b.      Letter concerning retaining wall owned by two homeowners will be sent by Heritage Properties.

c.       Lapwing/Avocet Drive home with pool, concerns about pool pumps, need to be concealed. 

d.      Requests follow up with Heritage as to status of revised ACC guidelines.

IX.              Finance Committee

a.       Special assessment of $250

b.      Capital reserve analysis has been ordered and will be completed by end of month., $1800 for 20 year plan.

c.       Series of informational townhall meetings for need of special assessment and to answer questions of any homeowner.

                                                               i.      Dates:  June 14, 22, 26

                                                             ii.      Pancake brunch June 10 9-11:30 AM

                                                            iii.      Barbeque June 24 3-6 PM

X.                 Inspections:  No report for May 2006

XI.              Jeff Gravitt made a motion to consider becoming a self-managed HOA.  He’ll see about setting up informational meeting with other self-managed HOA to determine feasibility.

XII.            Parking issues:  On street parking, overnight parking in common areas by tennis courts.  No action taken since covenants and bylaws do not have guidelines.  Also noted parking sign to Avocet Common areas is damaged.  Will need to be fixed.

XIII.         Motion to close meeting.  Next meeting to be held on Tuesday, July 11, 2006.

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