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Avocet Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors Meeting of Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Avocet Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors Meeting of Tuesday, May 2, 2006



Karen Finol, President

Blake Slemmer, Vice President

Eugene Yu, Secretary/Treasurer

Robin Steinkritz, Heritage Properties

Jeanne Aulbach

Jack Theall

Sean Bennett

Barry Sharp

Dave Spanjers

Arden Young

Charles Maurone

Rob Hiller

Glenn Hoffman


I.                     Call to Order

II.                   Motion to approve the Meeting Minutes of April 4, 2006.  Seconded. Approved.

III.                  Clubhouse Update:

a.      Update on clubhouse repairs and restoration.  Final walkthrough for work to be done on Monday, May 8, 2006. 

b.      May 1st was the official first day of Pool opening.

IV.               Sports Committee update:  Talbots has provided costs for replacement nets and squeegees for tennis courts.  $310 has been allocated to replace nets and squeegees, five year warranty is associated with nets.

V.                 Financial Committee Update:

a.      Update of financial webpage for website to include this year’s financial records, budget for FY2006 and outline of expenditures for 2006.

b.      Heritage Properties will start providing copies of monthly statements to Financial Committee.

c.      Financial Committee has proposed that action be taken to address the upcoming shortfall in this year’s budget.  Committee has also met with Heritage Properties to discuss a third party capital expenditure plan to outline Associations assets and repair costs over a 20 year time frame.

d.      Heritage Properties has also provided preliminary advise concerning rebid/alternate insurance policies.  Determined that current policy is adequate for Association.

e.      Evaluating special assessment to meet shortfall in budget, as well as amendment in Association by-laws to establish financial controls on Association budget to prevent future shortfalls.  Also discussed increase in Association dues by $10/month.

f.        Postponement of any funds to replace pool chairs in FY2006.

g.      BOD has received a request from an advertiser for ad space on newsletter.  BOD will investigate advertising space on newsletter for additional HOA revenues.

VI.               Landscape Committee:

a.      Update on status of front of subdivision.  Contractors have been delayed due to weather, but estimate that work will be complete by mid-May.

b.      Rob Hiller has spoken with Scotts Lawncare and Leisure Lawn concerning possible discounts for lawn service for entire subdivision.  Currently Leisure Lawn has offered a 10% discount to residents of Avocet.  Residents will need to mention the Avocet Homeowners’ Association and the 10% discount when contacting Leisure Lawn.

c.      Water-leak from damaged irrigation pipe near upper tennis courts has been repaired.

VII.              Architectural Change Committee Update:

a.      ACC submitted revised  ACC Guidelines for the boards approval, approval not granted at this time.  Board to offer recommendations for revising guidelines .

b.      ACC Request Issues:

1.      4870 Avocet Drive-pool- The pool pump location not included in the plans that were submitted to the ACC in mid 2005.  The County approved location of pool/pool pump. Pool pump location may be a safety concern, no fence or barrier around the pump, free standing.  BOD and management team to follow up with the homeowner via letter.

2.      4939 & 4959 Marsh Hawk Trail: Retaining Wall  - Final height for retaining wall over the approved height request of 4 feet, requiring permitting.  BOD & management team discussed issue, suggested notifying the homeowners of the height issue via letter.  Homeowners acknowledged presence at the meeting and have been verbally made aware by the board and the management team, of the height issue and the concern is between the homeowners and the county should any legal action come about of this.  Since the plans were approved by the  ACC and the retaining wall appearance is acceptable, the board agreed that neither the board nor the ACC will be held responsible for further actions against the homeowners.

c.      Question regarding standards in which Inspection Letters are based.  Typically Robin and BOD president perform drive through during the first week of the month.  Violations are based upon “reasonable judgments” by Robin.  He is typically in contact with homeowners when letters are issued and works with homeowners to resolve issues.

VIII.            New Business:  Reinstating Nomination Committee

a.      Proposal put forward to reinstate Nomination Committee to make future BOD elections more organized.  Educate community on election process as well as candidates.  Set up meet and greets for potential candidates.

IX.               Next Avocet Board of Directors’ meeting will be Tuesday, June 6, 2006 at the Avocet Clubhouse.

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