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Avocet Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting for April 4, 2006

Avocet Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting for April 4, 2006



Karen Finol, President

Blake Slemmer, Vice President

Eugene Yu, Secretary/Treasurer

Jeanne Aulbach

Sean Bennett

Barry Sharp

Jack Theall


I.                    Call to Order

II.                 Approval of the March 2006 Minutes

III.               Old business

a.       Clubhouse update:  No permit required for renovations.  Work is going as scheduled, completion date for first of May.  Reviewed bids for carpeting to replaced damaged flooring in clubhouse, Tom Greathouse had most competitive submission versus other also submitted flooring companies.  Final bid for $1800-$1900 to cover clubhouse interior as well as entry hallway.  Board has accepted bid.

b.      Bathroom update:  New partitions have been installed.

c.       A motion put forward to increase the Clubhouse rental fee to $50 (from $25).  Approved and seconded.

d.      Draft of revised ACC guidelines submitted, clearer explanations and guidelines, cross-referenced with Gwinnett County ordinances for additional information.  Under review.

e.       HOA Inspections for the month of March showed only 9 of the 25 homes from February with outstanding covenant violations.  Other 16 homes have corrected/addressed HOA concerns. 

f.        Finance Committee:  Sean and Jeanne presented the Board with their projections for FY2006.  Based on limited information available they determined that the HOA will have a short fall for FY2006.  The BOD will get our finance committee together with Heritage Properties to get a clearer picture of the HOA’s financial health.

g.       Sports/Tennis Ctte:  No news concerning replacement rollers for tennis courts.

IV.              New business

a.       Getting more information concerning financial status of HOA from Heritage Properties.  Developing a long term capital expenditure plan for HOA assets.

I.                    Meeting adjourned.  Next Avocet Board of Directors meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on Tuesday, May 2, 2006 from 7-8 PM.



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