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Clubhouse closed until further notice.

Tennis courts are now open.

The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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Minutes for the March 7, 2006 Avocet Board of Directors Meeting

Avocet Board of Directors Meeting of Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Karen Finol, President
Blake Slemmer, Vice President
Eugene Yu, Secretary/Treasurer
Jeanne Aulbach, ACC
Bill & Lisa Wells
Arden Young
Jack Theall
Dave Spanjers
Sean & Amara Bennett
Barry Sharp
Lara Foreman
Robert Hiller
Julie Dominguez

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes from February 5, 2006 Board of Directors Meeting.

Long Term Plan for Capital Expenditures presented.

Life/Repair of Tennis Courts, Pool, Clubhouse, Parking Lot, Landscape Improvements.

Clubhouse contracts have been evaluated and BOD believes best contractor for services is Joe Ligon. Joe will obtain building permit, install insulation, hang drywall, paint, and replace two windows. Estimated costs for repairs $12,000-14,000.

Bathroom stalls to be replaced. Contracts evaluated and voted upon. Winning contractor will replace existing MDF stalls with steel partitioned stalls. Estimated costs: $1700.

Sports Committee Requests for new court rollers. Julie Dominguez provided estimates and examples of court rollers. Also provided update on current dues collected from non-resident players.

Architectural Committee: Jeanne Aulbach has updated ACC Guidelines.

Landscape Update: Landscape plans submitted and will be posted on website.

Covenant Committee: Re-established to evaluate potential changes to HOA Covenants and By-laws to bring them more up to date. Currently sections of documents no longer apply or refer to original developer.

NEXT Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at the Avocet Clubhouse from 7-8 PM.

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