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Agenda for the February 5, 2006 Avocet Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the February 5, 2006 Avocet Board of Directors Meeting




Karen Finol, President

Blake Slemmer, Vice President

Eugene Yu, Secretary/Treasurer

Michael Frintner

Tricia Gallagher

Andrew Goodspeed

Jeanne Aulbach

Lucy & Christopher Slemmer

Dave Spanjers



I.                    Call to Order

II.                 Approval of Minutes of Jan. 3, 2006. 

III.               Updates since last meeting.

A.     Meeting with Legal Council for HOA January 18, 2006;  Issues discussed:

a.       Extent of legal authority to enforce covenants

b.      Statute of limitations on actions homeowners and response of HOA

c.       Reasonable interpretations of covenants

d.      Legal fees associated to enforcement of covenants, i.e., costs to homeowner

e.       Distinguishing HOA Rules from HOA Covenants

B.     Meeting with Heritage Properties Inc.

a.       Review of recent drive through community evaluations

b.      Determine manner in which inspections and results of inspections will be conveyed to homeowners

c.       Clearer understanding of home maintenance vs. aesthetics

d.      Responses to homeowners’ concerns regarding existing home maintenance issues requiring immediate attention

e.       Reviewed financial statements for month ending December 31, 2006 as well as for Year 2005.  Statements reflect that HOA was slightly positive.  Funds will be rolled into this year’s operating budget.

C.     Clubhouse Update

a.       BOD has two bids for renovation of clubhouse, pending one more contract bid.

b.      Clubhouse will require permit, as building is considered commercial.  Est. costs $300 as well as scheduled inspections.

c.       Final evaluation of any residual mold/mildew present in clubhouse

d.      Determination of treatment of flooring inside clubhouse

D.     Tennis Court updates.

a.       Evaluating bids to repair cracks on surface of lower tennis courts

b.      Evaluating potential future monetary outlays over next two to five years for repairs

E..  Security concerns, vehicles in parking lots


IV.              Issues brought up during meeting.

a.       Discussed options and opinions concerning basketball goals in subdivision, particularly treatement of temporary and permanent structures. 

b.      Question regarding frequency of inspections.  Heritage Properties contract indicates only one per month.  Andrew Goodspeed recalled contract outlined two inspections during winter and three inspections during summer months.  Will ask Robin for copy of final contract to clarify obligation.

c.       Landscape contract had not been signed as of meeting, BOD will follow up with Heritage Properties to finalize landscape contract with Rob Hiller.  Landscape committee has started working with Rob Hiller to prioritize landscape tasks for the next year. 

d.      Set up BOD meeting reminders to remind homeowners a week before, three days, one day, and day of meetings.

e.       Mike Frintner offered to address the soil erosion next to pool area if HOA would supply materials.  He’ll provide a plan to landscape committee and BOD with estimate for material costs. 

f.        Dunlin Shore Court road damage/sink holes are slated for repairs according to Gwinnett County, they have service request for repairs.

g.       Karen Finol mentioned that the area adjacent to the Pickneyville Community Center is slated for the creation of an aquatic center, construction is scheduled to start after March 2006.  Also there are plans to establish a dog park.

h.       A new group has taken over the development of the Peachtree Industrial Blvd/South Old Peachtree corner.  Spectrum Realty Investors has replaced City Lights.  Karen will contact Mike (City Lights) for additional information.

i.         News of a new Gwinnett County Police Precinct that will be built in Peachtree Corners to address response times to crime in area.

j.        Concern regarding profanity on tennis courts, residents adjacent to courts have heard numerous players. 

k.      Update to emails and committee contact information to website requested.

l.         Some residents have requested additional information regarding financial status of HOA.  BOD will contact Heritage Properties to provide additional information to residents.


V.  Next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Tuesday, March 7, 2006.  Location will be the Avocet Community Clubhouse from 7:00-8:00 PM.

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