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Avocet Board of Directors Meeting of Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Avocet Board of Directors Meeting of Tuesday, January 3, 2006




Karen Finol, President

Blake Slemmer, Vice President

Eugene Yu, Secretary/Treasurer

Jeanne Aulbach, ACC

Andrew Goodspeed


Bill & Lisa




Lucy & Christopher Slemmer

Barron & Yoko

Barry Sharp


Guillermo Finol

Valerie & Lily Yu


I.† Call to Order

II. Clubhouse Update:† Second follow-up check for residual mold was completed.† No further mold detected within the clubhouse.† Next step will be evaluating bids to replace insulation, drywall, and paint interior of clubhouse.† Pictures of the inside of the clubhouse were presented.

III. Landscape Update:† Board will not be renewing services of Charlie Hummel for 2006.† Rob Hillerís bid has been approved by the Board of Directors over two other bids.† Heíll start on February 1, 2006.† Final contract and signatures will be handled by Heritage Properties.

IV. Architectural Committee:† Jeanne Aulbach has agreed to continue to serve on the committee.† Thank you Jeanne.

1.      Jim Siegler requested a special meeting with the ACC to discuss an addition to his home.† The ACC and BOD President have already made arrangements to meet.

2.      Jeanne has provided additional information and links to Jim for Gwinnett County permit information to facilitate application and plans.

IV. Tennis Court Maintenance - †

1.                            Heritage Properties has gotten in touch with Talbotís concerning circuit breaker for lights to tennis courts.

2.                            Tennis rules have been updated to reflect new guidelines for non-resident fees and for fielding resident teams and co-captains.†

3.                            Initiate and update maintenance schedule and capital outlays for future repairs and maintenance of courts as a result of time, i.e. resurfacing, leveling, erosion of edges of court areas.

V.† Security Update:† COPS Meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 9 at 7:30 PM at El Vaquero.† All are encouraged to attend.†

VI. Financial Update:† Heritage and BOD has sent legal notification to Today Management to transfer any remaining HOA documentation/records.† Currently Heritage has provided October and November 2005 statements.†

VII. Drainage Update:†

  1. Drainage Solutions has completed walkthrough of work.†
  2. Engineer walkthrough completed as well.†
  3. An extra drain was installed by Drainage Solutions near baby pool at no charge.
  4. †Drainage Solutions has asked for concrete information from pool resurfacing company to match concrete color of pool area.†
  5. The iron gate around pool pumps have been reinstalled as well as damaged part of gate near playground-side of pool area.†
  6. BOD is re-assessing work necessary to shore up area on the north side of pool area; this area is not part of the communal area and may require individual homeowner action to prevent further erosion.

VIII.† South Old Peachtree Development:† BOD and homeowners can contact Bob Manning with Gwinnett County for additional updates.† BOD has contacted him concerning repair of sod and sprinkling system, as well as estimated completion dates.

Information Update:† Due to homeowner concerns about BOD and HOA activities, the BOD will be sending out a newsletter with updates.† A draft has been prepared and a final copy should be going out next week.

IX.† Peachtree Industrial Blvd Development:† Clarification was made concerning proceedings of December 13, 2006 Board of Commissioners meeting.† The HOA agreed to a closing time of 11:00 PM; however, the draft proposal still included two different closing times, 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM.

X.† Covenant Updates:† The BOD will be meeting with Heritage and the legal team to go over a set of standards for inspections as well as BOD recourse for severe violations of HOA Covenants.†† Rather than just inspection notices, BOD will work with Heritage to provide not only maintenance reminders but suggestions on various contractors or services to remedy damage.† BOD will look into an appeal process to address one-sidedness of past inspection letters.† Check on status of rentals in HOA as a percentage of homeowners.


NEXT Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Monday, February 6, 2006 at El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant from 7-9 PM.† All are invited to attend.† Once the work is completed on the clubhouse, future meetings will be held there.

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