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January Minutes

January BOD Meeting Minutes

Avocet BOD Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2005

Call to order

Comments from the floor (30 minutes)

  • There were members of the drainage committee present (Jeanne Albach, Marty Weisshaut, Jack Theall, Steve Knapik, Richard Meehan) as well as a few concerned people from the neighborhood (Lucy and Blake Slemmer and Jim Seigler)

Approval of minutes

Committee reports

  1. Sports - Issues with courts 3 & 4, probably due to conditions when done. Talbot is being very responsive, and committee is optimistic. Majority of funds still being held. The lower tennis courts (3 & 4) are having another coat of acrylic to minimize the cracks.
  2. Pool - Pump typically goes to 4-hours/day mode in cold weather. Due to odd weather, it will probably be mid January before this is switched on though.
  3. Finance - No activity
  4. Information - No activity
  5. Architecture - Laura Lohrmann set to pass chair to Chad Davis, Mike Bragg is to chair next quarter.
  6. Kids - Santa event held at local hotel. Seeking new chairperson. There is still no chairperson for this committee. As for now, there will be no kids club unless someone wants to volunteer for this. Beth Ostapiuk has a folder that contains all of the information for the routine kids club events.
  7. Landscape - No activity
  8. Security - High jinks with some Christmas decorations. Block captain meeting in February or March; details to come. Missing two block captains at end of Avocet Drive.
  9. Social - No activity
  10. Drainage - Maintenance and cosmetic work has been done to make the clubhouse more livable. Jack also distributed drawn copies that showed the drains for the pool area (or where drains SHOULD have been but were covered up by cement or just clogged by debris) Gutters were cleaned out that were completely filled with debris. Andrew and Beth requested that the drainage committee refrain from any further work or repairs that could jeopardize our ability to seek damages from the pool contractor. The pool company did not perform satisfactory work and after they gather the necessary documents, there may be a chance to recover some of the monies already spent. The drainage committee is in the process of gathering all of the documentation from the county that has to do with the amenities area so when an engineer is hired to assess the situation, all of the "paper chasing" will be eliminated. This will not only speed up the process, but will save considerable money. The plan thus far is to have the engineer do a full scale assessment so we will hopefully eliminate this problem in the future. The committee anticipates that the RFP will have options as to the different types of "repair" work that can be done.

Old Business

  • $1000 approved for replacement of lamps on upper courts in conjunction with other work.
  • December 10 informational session and December 31 special meeting held. Advisory vote on December 10: 20 in favor, 4 opposed. Drainage Committee formed chaired by Jeanne Aulbach.
  • $89/month approved for rental of storage unit for clubhouse contents. Contents moved.
  • $5400 estimated for pool needs prior to opening. Decision tabled for now.
  • ComCast cable service at the clubhouse possible if a homeowner that backs up to it would okay running it through their yard. Decision tabled for now.

New Business

  • Revision of 2005 budget. Asked Bruce to distribute 2005 budget to neighborhood.
  • Revisited movement of information board to front of neighborhood. VP to send an e-mail to the landscape committee.
  • Request that Today Management notify the BOD BEFORE sending a letter threatening legal action (third notice) rather than waiting until it is time to pursue legal action.
  • Management company. Jim, Blake and Lucy came to this meeting to voice their concerns about Today American Management (TAM). There seem to be concerns of "selective enforcement" by some of the residents. There will be a committee formed to review TAM's performance and to evaluate other property management options.Jim and blake volunteered to be on this committee. The vice president will head this committee up and will send out an e-mail on the forum to solicit volunteers.
  • Portable basketball goal guidelines. It was determined that if a resident has a portable basketball goal, it has to face the driveway. If it cannot be put away after each use (such as a driveway that prohibits) it must be turned back towards the driveway when it is not is use.

Next meeting Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at 7 PM, presumably in the clubhouse

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