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Clubhouse closed until further notice.

Tennis courts are now open.

The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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August Minutes

August BOD Meeting Minutes

Avocet BOD Meeting Minutes
August 2, 2005

Call to order

Comments from the floor (15 minutes)

Approval of minutes

Committee reports

  1. Sports - Maintenance, late tennis play.
  2. Pool - Open. Closures? Hopefully the pool will not have to be closed at any time during the drainage installation with Drainage Solutions. The only place we may have a problem, is the drain that is to be installed along the side of the clubhouse.
  3. Finance - Defunct?
  4. Information - Still maintaining the web site.
  5. Architecture - Transition to Heritage.
  6. Landscape - Get SOP under control, we are asking Charlie to try and make the entrance decent while all of the construction is going on.
  7. Security - No activity
  8. Social - No activity
  9. Management Review Committee - Defunct?
  10. Covenants - No activity

Old Business

  • Pool open with necessary maintenance. Worst pool chairs being restrapped and repainted. $900. There was a mix-up with Tropical Furniture, we were waiting on the straps to later find out that they were never ordered. We have decided to wait until next year because of lack of funds.
  • Comcast cable service at the clubhouse awaiting connection request. Will not be needed this year until the clubhouse is up to par.
  • Drainage - Contracted with Drainage Solutions for implementing Foresite Group plan, and Tree Form for addressing detention pond. The detention pond is to start on the week of Aug. 9th. There is a headwall that was discovered that had fallen off completely but was covered up with growth and debris. (It was on the side of the pond that is along the driveway to the pool.) The erosion was very bad and it is very important to reinforce this part of the pond to support the road. It is estimated that it will cost an extra $3,500. The rock from the county that we were supposed to get at no cost had a mix-up as well. Because we are in a time crunch with Tree Form already scheduled to come out, we will have to purchase the rock for this time and schedule to get the gratis rock for the next big project. The detention pond behind the tennis courts will also have to be cleaned out soon so we will use it then.
  • Unapproved house painting - Still no contact from owners.
  • Clubhouse repairs - Tabled due to lack of funds.
  • Bathhouse repairs - Tabled, but next up.
  • Clubhouse pests are hopefully gone.
  • Speed humps and stop signs - No word yet from the county or Wendy Shaw about having a stop sign put at the corner of Avocet Drive and Kittiwake. The majority of drivers catch a lot of speed along this part of the subdivision and we cannot have a speed hump installed, so a stop sign would be a good way to slow down traffic along that curve.
  • Cleaning and supplies - TMI contracts our cleaning crew but the work seems to be substandard. We will most likely get a new cleaning crew when we switch to Heritage.

New Business

  • 2006 budget in preparation for annual meeting. As it stands now, after the drainage work and the detention pond we will have approximately $5,000 left over. This is much lower than anyone is comfortable with so we are trying to do only the very necessary items.
  • Review financial position in light of contracts.
  • Other

Next meeting Wednesday, September 7, 2005 at 7 PM, presumably at Taco Mac with Heritage

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