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October Minutes

October BOD Meeting Minutes

Avocet BOD Meeting Minutes
October 6,2004

For the first BOD meeting we chose who would be President, VP and secretary. Andrew has experience with being on the board so he was the best choice for a President, not to mention he has a ‘president-esqe’ aura about him. Beth was decided to be the VP, she is organized, elegant and seems to know quite a lot about the ‘hood. Rachel was chosen to be secretary for her extensive knowledge of where the keys are on the computer.

These were the topics we discussed.

Comments from the floor (15 minutes)

  • There were no other members of the neighborhood association present.

Committee reports

  • The following BOD will oversee the committees
    Andrew: Sports, Info, and ACC
    Beth: Pool, Finance, and Landscape
    Rachel: Kids, Social and security
  • Volunteers are still needed for these committees. The more people that volunteer, the easier it will be to participate.
  1. Sports - Julie Dominguez to chair and oversee resurfacing
    -This will begin as soon as the ALTA season is over. The upper court is also having a new light between court one and two, and all the bulbs are to be replaced as well. It is more efficient to have them replaced all at one time instead of the cost of having someone come out and change one at a time. The new surfacing is long overdue and will take about a week or so.
  2. Pool - Cracks in wading pool. Closed for the season
    -The pool cover is being put on and there are a few grommets that will have to be replaced.
  3. Finance - Need to send statement of income and expenditure.
    -Bruce Hayworth will be meeting with us to get this together to send out to the association members.
  4. Information - Seeking new Webmaster
    -Andrew, being president, is hoping to pass the webmaster duty onto someone else who wants to help with the association website.
  5. Architecture - Julie resigning, and new guideline (needs to be distributed)
  6. Kids - Beth Ostapiuk resigning after Christmas. Need new chairperson.
    -We are looking for a volunteer to head up the kids committee. Beth has done a remarkable job organizing the functions including the Mega party in June, the Halloween party that is coming up and the Christmas party in December. Due to the expected birth of their new baby, she will not have the time to commit to the committee anymore.
  7. Landscape - Maintenance company and drainage issues
    -There are many issues with the drainage around the clubhouse. We discussed that we need to contact the county before hiring a private company to investigate this. Rob Hiller will be able to at least tell us who to call.
  8. Security - Avocet won "Master Community of the Year" award at the COPS Festival for District 5 in Gwinnett County for 2004. This award is a measure of the participation in Avocet. It was awarded for our excellent web site, the Avocet Yahoo Group that provides great communications, the participation of the residents in Avocet that was demonstrated at the Mega Party in June, and the committees and BOD's that work hard to maintain and improve our community. Congratulations to everyone who made this possible. A special thank you goes to Barry Sharp who has done an outstanding job with the COPS program in the neighborhood and without whom this award would not have been possible.
  9. Social - Holiday events
    The social committee needs to submit ideas for events.
  10. Ad hoc sign committee
    -Poll opinion on proposed designs. We have a few proposals coming in.

New business

  • Playground safety/improvement
    -It is an ongoing idea to ‘revamp’ the playground and Rachel is in charge of getting estimates. We discussed that it will be too costly to make the playground bigger, after last summer redoing the pool and this fall resurfacing the tennis courts. We can get some estimates to see how costly it will be to improve what we already have. the goal is to make improvements that we can add to at a later time, if we see that it is being used and if the people want it. As for the hole at the corner, the landscape committee will plant another large shrub in that corner, we are not sure why that wasn’t done in the first place. Shrubs are the only barrier all along that fence.
  • Mosquito issues
    -We are also going to contact the county on the mosquito issue. Someone mentioned at the previous meeting that some counties will come out and spray for them. The main issue with mosquitoes is again the drainage issue. Until we are able to talk care of the stagnant water issue in the area behind the clubhouse and to the street (Avocet drive), any spraying will only be temporary.

Next meeting Wednesday, November 3, 2004 at 7 PM - in general, first Wednesday of the month.

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