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The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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June Minutes

June BOD Meeting Minutes

Avocet BOD Minutes from
June 3, 2002

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm. Andrew, Nick, Jim and Sarb were present.

Comments from the floor:

There was much discussion regarding the pool condition and our current pool maintenance company, Aqua Tech. It was decided that they would be given 30 days notice of termination because of failure to properly maintain the pool. We will be given a complete quote from Aqua Blue for the same service. The cost came in higher at $5800.00/yr. Bruce will help us in obtaining another bid to compare services.

The air conditioner is not working in the clubhouse. Bruce was notified to rectify this problem.

Unfinished Business:

We are still waiting for Bruce to install the locks on the tennis courts

We are shelving the idea of amending the by-laws or covenants at this time because of lack of interest.

We are still waiting for quotes on the new flooring for the bathrooms and kitchen in the clubhouse from Bruce.

County ordinance violation was noted about construction vehicles parked on Avocet Dr. Also they were parked on our private clubhouse road. They were notified and the machinery was removed.

Committee Reports:

Sports - The tennis courts still need wind screens on one side of the fencing. No other proposals have come forward on any suggestions.

Pool - Aqua Blue looked at pool and gave us a quote to maintain it.

Finance - No report.

Architecture - No report.

Landscape - It was noted that the new residents in the front of the neighborhood have used the Avocet sprinkler system for personal use. They will be notified that they shouldn't do this.

Security - No break-ins.

Social -There was talk about having a July 4th pool party. No date was set.

Avocet Women's Group - DeeDee Portman is interested in creating. This club, first meeting is June 13 @ 7pm.

New Business:

Pool contract is being considered within 30 days.

Bruce will be contacted to see if we can put a gate in the fencing around the pool so there can be access to the grass.

Nick is interested in getting bids on updating the kid's playground area. He will contact DeeDee Portman to see if she would like to be involved in the process. Jim has offered his help on this project. Bruce will be contacted for his opinion on playground design. There was also interest in putting in a basketball hoop in the lower parking lot. These projects fall under the capital improvement category.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm. Next meeting will be July 1 @ 7pm.

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