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June Minutes

June BOD Meeting Minutes


Avocet HOA

Board of Directors Meeting

June 11, 2001

The monthly meeting of the Avocet Board of Directors was called to order at 7:04 PM on Monday, June 11, 2001, at the Avocet Clubhouse with Paul Cernich presiding, Andrew Goodspeed and Carrie Meersman present.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the May 8, 2001 Avocet Board of Directors meeting were approved by Andrew Goodspeed, seconded by Paul Cernich.

Comments From the Floor

Members from the Architectural and Covenants Committees were present to discuss action on the part of their respective committees. The ACC has a new chairperson, Angie Dziwoki. Homeowner requests were discussed with the BOD and corrective action is to be taken. The Covenants Committee discussed next steps for the approval of the proposed Covenants/Bylaws. An update letter will be going out, followed by the ballot with the proposed documents and a voting deadline. The Finance Committee was also represented and discussed that preparations for the Annual Homeowners meeting begin.

Activities Completed Since Last Meeting

  1. Painted Clubhouse and fence
  2. Opened Pool
  3. Added additional umbrellas for pool
  4. Approved new clubhouse coordinator
  5. Repaired air conditioning in clubhouse
  6. Repaired leaks in restroom
  7. Repaired lights on lower tennis courts

Unfinished Business

  • Covenants/Bylaws: Waiting to begin next phase for adoption of proposed covenants/bylaws.
  • Long Term Capital requirements were discussed. Including the need for painting the interior of the clubhouse.
  • Lot #218, McRae & Stotlz, Landscape corrective action is to begin (mowing, seeding, round-up). An Avocet homeowner has agreed to water the lot. Purchase of hoses and sprinkles will be made.
  • Still need to repair the warped board at the base of the wheel on the playground equipment.
  • The termite bond/pest control service for clubhouse: needs major improvements first. Once the clubhouse repairs for water damage and foundation drainage are completed, a termite bond and pest control service will be investigated.
  • Janitorial services for clubhouse and restrooms were discussed. The pool contractor will be responsible for restrooms during the pool season; Molly Maid of Norcross has been hired to clean the clubhouse and restrooms once a month, year-round.
  • Highwoods Property: BOD is looking for a Neighborhood Representative to be our liaison with the property management company to stay updated on tree planting, lights and garbage dumping.
  • Repairs to the clubhouse/pool house, including fence painting, Bus Stop repair, Clubhouse/Pool House drainage, etc. will begin this summer. Funds were approved at the May and June BOD meetings.
  • It was determined that a 30 foot Natural Buffer zone will remain between Avocet property and Lou Ivy Drive. In this area, there shall be no removal of trees; however the addition of trees, shrubs and ground covers is accepted. Still need to make a decision of whether or not this will be included in the proposed covenants/bylaws.
  • Pool House restrooms: There is a sewer issue causing the toilets to be stopped up. It was approved to camera sewer the area at a cost of $150, to determine the severity of the damage and what corrective action to take.

New Business

  • A property inspection was done on Thursday, June 7. Results of this inspection were discussed.
  • McRae & Stolz will be invoiced for mowing their lot.
  • A homeowner was present and discussed access to tennis courts. Non-residents have been found playing on our courts (and past the night time light curfew). A suggestion of higher fences and locks on gates was brought forward. Also discussed were the purchase of new signs; one stating that a resident must accompany non-residents and one stating lights out at 10pm. Funds were approved, by Carrie Meersman, seconded by Paul Cernich, for the purchase of new locks for the timers.
  • Discussed the delay in getting ACC approval forms to committee. It was suggested that a local drop box be added at the Bus Stop, at the amenities corner, for ACC approval forms.
  • Discussed the need for two new pool skimmers.
  • Today American will handle pool Keys and their distribution. This information has been posted on the website.
  • Discussed improvements to the clubhouse; painting interior, interior lighting, carpeting, tiling, etc.
  • BOD approved the action for continuing service on the large screen TV. Approved by Carrie Meersman, seconded by Paul Cernich.

  • The next meeting of the Avocet Board of Directors was scheduled for July 3, 2001 starting at 7pm in the Avocet Clubhouse.

    The motion to adjourn this meeting was made by Carrie Meersman, seconded by Andrew Goodspeed. The meeting ended at 9:30 pm.

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