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Avocet HOA

Board of Directors Meeting

May 1, 2000


The monthly meeting of the Avocet Board of Directors was called to order at 7:00PM on Monday, May 1st, 2000, at the Avocet Clubhouse with Andrew Goodspeed presiding, Lara Foreman and Frank Boduch present.

 Minutes of the 4/3/2000 Board meeting were read and accepted on the motion of Andrew. Seconded by Lara.

 Comments from the Floor

 No one present.

Committee Reports 

Sports Committee

  • Waiting for committee recommendations, i.e., Tennis Courts, fence supports, windscreens, etc.  May inquire of Sue Juliano (Today American Management) to obtain bids and advise BOD.  Andrew to follow-up.

  • Sign-up board repairs completed.

Pool Committee

  • Fence and gate repairs completed.  Door latches changed to knobs that require key to open.

  • Coke machine has been put in service at clubhouse.  Cost is $0.60 per can which will go to the community treasury. 

  • Pool is scheduled to open 5/13/00.  Life Guard starts 5/27/00.

  • Need new rules and regulations prepared and circulated to community.  Andrew to follow-up.

Finance Committee

  • Waiting to hear from Bob Elliott on committee recommendations, i.e. Long-term capital forecast, investing capital reserve money.  Andrew to follow-up

Information Committee

  • Still working on a written version of the community newsletter.  Additional people-resources needed!  Andrew to follow-up.

Architecture Committee

  • Need follow-up on fences erected without committee approval. Lara to follow-up

  Kids Club Committee

  • The community enjoyed a very successful Annual Egg Hunt thanks to Elizabeth Schenk and her committee.  Approved expenditure of $200 on motion from Frank, second from Andrew.

  • Would like this committee to conduct a pool safety program for kids.  Frank to follow-up.

Security Committee

  • The COPS graduation program is scheduled for 5/18/00.  Avocet will get its COPS diploma.  Block Captains will be notified and invitation to the entire community will be extended.  Barry Sharp organizing.  Frank to follow-up.

Landscape Committee

  • Andrew has prepared a letter to McCrea & Stoltz soliciting a remedy to the poor care of their property at the entrance to Clubhouse Drive, which includes a request for consideration of the owners to donate this property to the community.  Andrew to follow-up.

Social Committee

  • The Board has requested that Rules and Regulations for use of the Clubhouse be drafted

  • The Summer Splash party is in the planning stage for May 28th.  Approved expenditures of up to $400 for this event.  Frank to follow-up.

Covenants Committee

  • Still waiting for committee final recommendations.  May need to set deadline.  Andrew to follow-up.


Unfinished Business

  • Satellite TV: Need to contact Sue Juliano for someone that can complete the installation of cable wiring.
  • Approved $900 for improvements to bathrooms, plumbing, lighting, painting, etc. on motion from Andrew and second from Frank.  
  • Approved $200 improvement to Information Board at entrance to Clubhouse Drive on motion from Lara and second from Andrew.

New Business  

  • Discussed and agreed to include a committee fair at the Summer Splash party on 5/28/00 to solicit new volunteers to work on Avocet Committees which are in dire need of help.
  • A meeting of committee chairpersons will be conducted on 5/28/00, 12:30PM at the clubhouse.  Lara to follow-up. 
  • Discussed straightening and painting the fence along Clubhouse Drive.  Could cost in excess of $1000.  In question is whether the community could take care of this.  More discussion required. 
  • Need to arrange for servicing of HVAC systems.  Lara will follow-up with committee chairperson, Heather Viera.  
  • Approved request to purchase new trashcans for pool area.


The next meeting of the Avocet BOD was scheduled for Monday, June 12th, 2000, starting at 7:00PM at the Avocet Clubhouse.

The motion to adjourn this meeting was made by Andrew and seconded by Lara.  Meeting ended at 8:25PM.


Frank C. Boduch
Avocet Homeowners Association

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