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Avocet Homeowners Association

1999 Annual Meeting

September 21, 1999

Avocet HOA Clubhouse



As provided for in the bi-laws of the Avocet Homeowners Associate, the Annual Meeting was called to order by Avocet President, Lara Foreman, at 7:15PM on Tuesday, September 21, 1999.

Attendance was taken by sign-up sheet.

45 homes were confirmed as represented, constituting the necessary quorum for these proceedings.  The Board of Directors also received seven (7) proxies at this meeting.

Lara Foreman read the minutes of the 1998 Annual Meeting.  Andrew Goodspeed motioned that the minutes be accepted.  The motion was seconded and approved by Frank Boduch.

Lara Foreman reviewed the activities and accomplishments of the past year, including details on the following items:


  • Completion of major landscaping of common areas

  • Repairs and activation of the irrigation system

  • Establishment of the COPS Neighborhood Watch Program

  • Appreciation to the various committees that aided the Board in providing services to Avocet

  • Problems with traffic violations: speeding and disregard of stop signs

  • Status of the Highwood commercial development at So. Old Peachtree and Peachtree Industrial

  • Completion of the tennis pavilions

The BOD created a "Parking Lot" board in order to recommend to the next incoming BOD of community interests in the following areas:

  •                 Tennis court usage and scheduling conflicts

  •                 Erecting basketball goals in a common area

  •                 Publishing the dates & times of future meetings of the BOD

Lara Foreman announced and explained the project to create, and approve at a later date (TBD), new legal documents for the Avocet community, including Articles of Incorporation, Bi-laws, and                 Declarations and Covenants.  Working with the law firm of Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco, P.C., the documents referenced have been drafted for revision in order to (1) transition the Avocet HOA from a developer-orientation to that of a community focus; (2) to comply with Georgia laws; and (3) to reduce ambiguity, add clarity and continuity.  A Town Hall meeting will be scheduled with a minimum thirty (30) days advanced notice to the community.  This meeting will serve the purpose of explaining the new documents, soliciting feedback and recommendations, and preparing for a vote of the community at a date to be determined and the requirements for passage by a majority of home owners.

Lara Foreman reviewed the 1999 budget and each line item in the approved budget for the year 2000.  Among the highlights of the report were expenses for landscaping, repair, maintenance and upgrading of clubhouse bathrooms, and improving communications by creating an Avocet Internet website.

Other issues regarding items impacting proposed and future anticipated expenses were:

  • The necessity to build capital reserves for upkeep and improvement of pools, tennis courts, the clubhouse and common areas.

Lara Foreman announced the decision to increase association dues by $20.00 per year, effective with payments due on January 1, 2000.  She also explained new payment options that will allow homeowners to pay dues quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

The floor was opened for discussion on the budget and increase in association dues.  Many questions were taken by the BOD to clarify the budgeting process and explain particular line items.  Among the areas of interests were:

  • The rights of the community to review and approve the budget.

  • Alternative budget submissions (presented by homeowner James Radcliff).

  • Spending approval limits on the members of the Board of Directors.

  • Assurances that money established for capital reserves be protected for use as such and not diverted to other items.

  • Options on the McCrea-Stoltz property, care and maintenance.

  • The rights of the community to review and approve the budget.

Following lengthy discussions, homeowner James Radcliff motioned that the year 2000 budget as prepared by the BOD be rejected.  The motion was seconded from the floor.  It was explained by Lara Foreman, assisted by Sue Juliano (Today American Management) that overturning the approved budget required the approval of at least 2/3rds of the quorum and proxies present.

The vote resulted in four (4) votes in favor of rejecting the budget; and 42 votes and 7 proxies voted in favor of accepting the budget as approved by the BOD.

The motion to overturn the budget for the year 2000 was therefore defeated.

Lara Foreman announced the receipt of nominations for the Avocet Board of Directors for the 1999-2000 term, they being Andrew Goodspeed and Frank Boduch.  Lara requested nominations from the floor.  Andy Sachs was nominated in absentia.  Lara agreed to be nominated as well.  Voting followed with the results being the re-election of the three incumbent Board members who will serve until September 2000:

  • Andrew Goodspeed

  • Lara Foreman

  • Frank Boduch


There was no other previously undecided business issues to discuss.

As for new business, only the discussion on re-building of the Avocet committees and their importance to the community were discussed and emphasized.  Sign-up ballots had been distributed prior to the start of the meeting and collected at closing.

All business of the 1999 Annual Meeting having been addressed, Frank Boduch motioned that the meeting be adjourned at 8:50PM, seconded and approved by Andrew Goodspeed.


Frank C. Boduch

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