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Avocet HOA

Board of Directors Meeting

October 5, 1999



President, Andrew Goodspeed, called this meeting of the Avocet Board of Directors to order at 7PM, October 5, 1999.  In attendance from the board were Lara Foreman, Vice President, and Frank Boduch, Secretary/Treasurer.

Andrew provided definition to the rules of order to be followed at this meeting.

The minutes of the BOD meeting conducted on 9/14/99 were motioned for acceptance by Lara Foreman and seconded by Andrew Goodspeed.

The floor was opened to questions from the floor and addressed as follows

Q:  When will the new draft documents (i.e. covenants and bi-laws) be distributed to the community?

A:  The draft documents will be posed on the Avocet HOA website within the next week and made available in hardcopy upon request.


Q:  What are the requirements for approval of these documents?

A:  2/3rds-majority vote of the community.


Q:  What are the requirements for the approval of the year 2000 budget?

A:  As approved by the BOD subject to a 2/3 vote of the attending quorem to reject.




Sports Committee

  • Darin Lakso, Chairperson


  • Discussion on complaint regarding alleged domination of the tennis courts by tennis teams:

  • Review of ALTA rules and regulations

  • Recommendation that the BOD needed a sense of the neighborhood's concern.

  • Darin Lakso to draft an appropriate survey to gather the pulse of the neighborhood

  • Draft survey to be reviewed and approved by the BOD.

  • Survey will be distributed on the Avocet HOA website.  Hardcopy as well.

  • Preferable to have the results available for the forthcoming Town Hall meeting on 11/1/99.\

  • Voting, if required, will be on the basis of one vote per household.

  • Motion to approve the above actions by Andrew and seconded by Lara.

  • Discussion was raised on adding another tennis team that was rejected as it would have violated the  requirement to allow no more than 25% of non-community players on any team.

  • Suggestions were made on remedies for tennis teams using the clubhouse lavatories to properly maintain them.


  • Recommendation was made and agreed to include in the above referenced survey the subject of community interest in basketball courts.


Pool Committee - Don Hart, Chairperson

  • Shobi Ganatra questioned the possibility of additional community liability if a decision is made to engage the services of a pool manager/lifeguard.  Andrew agreed to discuss this with Jay Taylor of Weissman, Nowack…

  • Review request to spend $150 for repairs of the pool.  Motion to approve by Andrew, seconded by Frank.

  • Reviewed proposal for Sears to provide a pool manager.  Deferred until Andrew discusses with J. Taylor.

Finance Committee

  • Brian D'Souza was asked to place particular attention on the issues of the prescribed capital reserve work-up for year 2000 and future years.

Information Committee - Wayne Foreman, Chairperson

  • Discussed whether to publicize email addresses of the community.  Declined so as to maintain privacy.

  • Discussed right of the BOD to censure information posted on the website.  Declined as inappropriate.

Architecture Committee - Joe Bettez, Chairperson

  • A request for approval to install a play set by Scott and Connie Frick of Pomarine Lane was made.  The BOD referenced concern about height.  Matter turned over to the Architecture committee for review and decision.

Kids Club Committee - Elizabeth Schwenk, Chairperson

  • Working on Halloween party.  Requested approval to spend $450 for this event.  BOD approved up to $450.

Landscape Committee - Greg Suggs, Chairperson

  • Discussed need to plant flowers for fall with option to plant them ourselves.

  • Obtain two quotes to repair sprinkler system.

  • Established November 6th as a community work day with projects that include:

  • Pressure wash, sand and seal tennis pavilions.

  • Correct drainage, re-mulch playground area.

  • Rebuild or replace message board at entrance to clubhouse road.

Social Committee - Barbara Boduch, Chairperson

  • Need to consider means to improve involvement of diverse groups in our community.  Engaging the Information Committee in this was recommended.

  • Upcoming events: Garage Sale, Thanksgiving Food Drive, and December holiday party.

Security Committee - Shobi Ganatra, Chairperson

  • Raised concern over the lack of lighting along South Old Peachtree.  Will discuss with Sue Juliano to determine next steps.


Town Hall meeting is firm for Monday, November 1st, 7:00PM at the Avocet clubhouse.


Next meeting of the Avocet BOD scheduled for November 2nd, 7:00PM at the Avocet clubhouse.


Move to adjourn at 9:15PM by Andrew, seconded by Lara.


Avocet Homeowners Association

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