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Board of Directors Meeting

November 2, 1999


The monthly meeting of the Avocet Board of Directors was called to order at 7:00PM on Tuesday, November 2, 1999, at the Avocet Clubhouse, President Andrew Goodspeed presiding.  Also in attendance were Lara Foreman, Vice President, and Frank Boduch, Secretary/Treasurer.

Minutes of the 10/5/99 board meeting were read and accepted on the motion of Andrew.  Seconded by Lara.

Discussion proceeded whether to publish BOD meeting minutes on the Avocet website.  A motion was made by Lara to publish a summary version.  The motion was seconded by Andrew and the motion passed.  Publication will start within the next 30 days.



Sports Committee

  • Has had their first meeting and are working on new activities for the community (e.g. basketball and volley ball.)

Pool Committee

  • Discussed the need to get the fence posts welded that need repair.

  • Pool maintenance contract expires on 12/31/99.  Recommend renewing the Sears contract.

  • Discussed employing a pool manager/life guard from 12:00PM to 6:00PM on non-school days.

  • Agreed to follow recommendation of Jay Taylor (attorney) to check with Gwinnett County Public Health officer to determine if there are any regulatory compliance issues that must be addressed when employing a lifeguard.  Andrew to follow-up.

  • Agreed to have pool committee publish pool rules, hours, guidelines age minimums and when children must be accompanied by and adult.

  • Agreed to have pool committee draft a job description for the position of Pool Manager.

Finance Committee

  • Discussed having the Finance Committee review and recommend an optimal plan for installing cable/satellite TV in the club house, and to consider possible revisions to telephone service in the hope of bringing the costs down.  Andrew to follow-up.  

  • No report received

Architecture Committee

  • No recommendations or approvals were identified to the BOD.

Information Committee

  • The Avocet website has been activated.  It is reliant on information for the committees.  Expected to grow.

  • Discussed establishing guidelines for committee reports, including:  

  • Meetings, attendance, issues, activities, decisions made, community involvement, website info.

Kids Club Committee

  • Agreed to convey thanks on the website in light of the highly successful Halloween Party & Parade.  Would like to include some pictures.

  • Discussed need to set date for the Kids Holiday event

Landscape Committee

  • Reported that flowers have been planted for the fall at the corner of Avocet Court.

Security Committee

  • Reminded that the Safe Driving Seminar is set for 7:30PM on Thursday, November 18th at the club house.

Social Committee

  • Has recommended a Millennium Party for January 15th instead of the traditional Holiday Party with a budget of $450 which would include door prizes to raffle.

  • Discussed a possible Super Bowl party.  Would require a large screed TV (rented) and wiring the clubhouse for cable/satellite.  Finance committee will be asked to review and recommend.

  • Discussed recommending to the Social Committee to contact local business for prize donations.

  • Recommended surveying the community via website to determine interest in holiday or millenium party.

Covenants Committee

  • Just getting off the ground.  Andrew will serve as liaison.

Created an Advisory Committee

  • Established Brian D'Souza as chairperson

  • Roll is to guide and advise the BOD on community issues and to groom for future role on the BOD.

  • Motion to approve by Lara; seconded by Andrew.  Motion passed.



The web-based survey of the community addressing a complaint of the tennis courts being monopolized by team play (although only 25 responses were received) resulted in a majority of responses in favor of the present rules.  The results of the survey will be published on the website.  Lara motioned that the matter be closed.  Andrew seconded and the motion was passed.

A request was made by a member of the community to consider filling in the swamp area next to the lower tennis courts for the purpose of converting the space to usable for sports and other activities.  It was decided that to request the member of the community to obtain a bid(s) for this work and present it to the BOD.

Expenditures:  To acquire fifty folding chairs for the clubhouse, thus eliminating costly rentals:  $476.00.

                        Motion to approve by Andrew; seconded by Frank.  Motion passed.


                       To acquire a flip chart and stand for use at meetings:  $80.00

                       Motion to approve by Andrew; seconded by Lara.  Motion passed.


Garage Sale: Agreed to give website recognition for this successful event.

Insurance:  Quotes have been received form Travelers and State Farm and are under review by the Finance Committee and recommendations to the BOD.



Established November 6th, 13th, and 20th as community workdays on which volunteers will pitch in to take care of a number of worthy projects that will save the community expense if done by contractors.

Andrew noted that there was apparent water in the clubhouse hallway.  He will call Sue Juliano to recommend appropriate repairs.

Andrew advised that new coupon books for the payment of Avocet HOA quarterly dues are ready to go out.

Discussion took place on how to handle delinquent payment of dues.  Agreement was reached that dues would come do on the first day of each calendar quarter ($95 per quarter).  If not paid by the 15th of the month in which they are due, a $20 late fee would be assessed to the homeowner.  Motion to adopt this policy was made by Frank; seconded by Andrew.  Motion passed.

The next meeting of the Avocet BOD was scheduled for Monday, December 6th, 1999, starting at 7:00PM at the Avocet clubhouse.

The motion to adjourn this meeting was made by Andrew; seconded by Frank.  Meeting ended at 9:15PM.

Frank C. Boduch
Avocet Homeowners Association

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