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Avocet HOA

Board of Directors Meeting

December 6, 1999


The monthly meeting of the Avocet Board of Directors was called to order at 7:00PM on Monday, December 6, 1999, at the Avocet Clubhouse, President Andrew Goodspeed presiding. Also in attendance were Lara Foreman, Vice President, Frank Boduch, Secretary/Treasurer, and Holly Freet representing the Information Committee.

Minutes of the 11/2/99 board meeting were read and accepted on the motion of Andrew. Seconded by Lara.


Sports Committee

  • Competitive bids for necessary fence repairs are being obtained.
  • 10PM curfew violations several times may warrant lock on timer controls.

Architecture Committee

  • No recommendations or approvals were identified to the BOD.

Information Committee

  • Agreed to publish a digest version of the minutes of BOD monthly meetings on the Avocet website.

Kids Club Committee

  • Agreed to extend use of the clubhouse for neighborhood childcare on days with inclement weather.

Security Committee

  • Reminded of the 1/20/2000 COPS recognition meeting. Submit materials used in Avocet's program to Barry Sharp.
  • Need to strengthen management of COPS program. Frank will handle.

Social Committee

  • Laura Nuzzo has accepted the responsibility to serve as the club house manager.
  • Agreed to proceed with plans for a Super Bowl party.

Covenants Committee

  • Committee is surveying community to solicit comments and recommendations for changes to covenants.

No reports from the Pool, Finance, and Landscaping committees.


  • Approved an expenditure of $150 for wood chips used on recent community workday.
  • Reconstruction of the info board at the entrance to clubhouse drive assigned to the Information Committee.
  • Agreed to renew insurance policy for coverage in the year 2000.
  • Finance Committee long-term capital forecast work needs to prepare for a February presentation to the BOD.
  • Approved final expenditure for the Halloween Party in the amount of $423.
  • Reviewed quote to repair pool fence. Temporary fix = $1035. Will have Pool Committee obtain competitive bids for full replacement. BOD will consider options.


  • Pool contract is in final review. Discussed having platform for pool manager to observe swimmers. Discussed roping off a section of the pool for adult use.
  • Agreed to pay the full legal representation bill by 2/15/2000 in order to avoid rate hike. Agreed to an expenditure not to exceed $2000 for outfitting clubhouse with audio-visual equipment.

The next meeting of the BOD was scheduled for Monday, January 3rd, 2000, starting at 7:00PM at the Avocet clubhouse.

Frank C. Boduch - Secretary/Treasurer


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